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1970's City Council Parks label
Description of Aims & Objectives:

The Friends of Kelvingrove Park aim to maintain & enhance architectural and environmental features in one of Glasgow's oldest and most popular public parks.

Over many years of public canvassing, and local surveys etc., we have found that a peaceful and tranquil environment is definitely a priority for park users.

Kelvingrove was set out as part of the impressive design scheme which includes Charles Wilson's Park Circus, but there's an awareness now that it has also become a key part of the 'wildlife corridor' through Glasgow's West End - a rare place where workers / students / locals / tourists can retreat from the rat-race and see a Heron or a Kingfisher.

Existing buildings such as the bandstand have the advantage that they are a longstanding and complementary part of that original design. Generally we support restoration and development projects which add to the overall area of the park, rather than removing areas of parkland for private development.

You can see our other activities such as Wildlife Walks, Heritage Walks, Woodlands Fun Days and the Bandstand Restoration Project if you browse around the website.

If you support these aims and wish to join the Friends of Kelvingrove Park, please write to M.Carrabino, 90 Park Road, Glasgow G4 9HB, or join on-line by using the form below.

Membership for the year: Five pounds (or a donation).

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The Friends of Kelvingrove Park are a charity registered in Scotland No.SC033365

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